Monday, 17 March 2014

Fourteen days to go

Well there are two weeks remaining, and things seem to have stalled.

Regardless of whether the kickstarter campaign reaches the massive £250 target I will be submitting the audio/artwork to the pressing plant this week.

If the kickstarter campaign is not successful I will be releasing the single anyway (minus the exclusive content) and perhaps in a smaller quantity, and don't worry Aran the least you'll get is an mp3 of one of the songs you've suggested.

The single can be pre-ordered from the webstore by clicking here:
Pre-order 'All You Need Is Love' / 'Hey Bulldog'

If the kickstarter campaign reaches it's target all orders placed before the end of the campaign will receive the additional content.

You can listen to preview clips on youtube here:
Single preview clip.

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